Friday, October 30, 2009

Havin' Fun

Semalam I'm a bit moody sebab Kohani and Izzati tak datang. Urgh! pemalas punya kawan! Berani korang malas2 ye? Mentang2 la da abes exam en, bkan maen ahh korang! Sengal btul!

Tapi ada Irdina and Z, kinda happening siket ahh. Siap buat party dalam kelas lagi tuhh! Makan kueh2 Deepavali, Lina bawak. Thanks Lina! Dah tu, si Z buat lawak bodoh+sebok dgn 'journal' die and many many other things. Byk jgak yg bwak board games. Haishh..tapi memang lawak gile ahh! Si Z yang sengal tu kutuk aku dalam 'journal' die. Elehh kaw, da suke tu mengaku je la! Ego tinggi melangit, kan? Aku lak gi toreh meja Irdina pakai die punye compasses yg da tinggal separuh je. Ntah sape yg gigit pun aku xtau la..nak tau ape aku toreh kat situhh? 'Z gile'. Tu la, mengutuk aku lgi dlm 'journal' kaw tuhh! Haha jenayah kaw tau x, Nadia? Vandalisme tuhh! Ahh! Biarlahh, bukannye visible sngt ponn. Nak biar Z tgk je! Anyway, it's fun (:

Lagipon x belaja. Sivik je. Best gile :D
Keputusan exam? Tak berapa bagos. Kaw pnye bagos? Kaw pikir aku peduli keh?
Bukannye kire for streaming ponn!
Setakat sini je la yg aku bolehh cerite.

Bak kata org puteh, "The rest is history..."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aim of Life

"the aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware..."
-Henry Miller

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Only One

Only one will care
if i live or die
cause nobody wants to hear
this emotional girl cry.

I'm hiding in the corner
if you wanna look
just follow the heavy sobbing sighs
face buried in a book.

The room is dark
you cannot see
don't even bother
to look for me.

Scent of blood
sound of pain
cries of lonely
cries in vain

with each your step
the floorboards creak
A crack of thunder
this outcome bleak

my head snaps up
pale as a ghost
eyes red as blood
Tears stained the most

you gasp aloud
knees hit the floor
told you i wasn't
worth fighting for

you spread your arms
say its alright
And i don't really
want to fight

i hold you tight
you keep me close
until the morn
and off we doze

you're my drug
my sweet release
you keep me high
my place of peace

without you i'd die
of this i swear
it amazes me
how much you care

i've caused you pain
the damage i've done
i've given in
this round you've won

i am the used
the empty air
i'll tell you now
that life's not fair

but i have you now
i'll never let go
just thought that i
would let you know...
how much i love you!

Let It Go

It doesn't matter anymore.
We aren't the same people as before.
Forgive but never forget.
Just remember all the real friends you've met.
I've once thought I knew.
But, now I see I was wrong and do not know what to do.
Who are my friends?
So far as I look and I see,
I see no on in the cold mirror but me.
All I want to do is disapear.
The image is fogged oh so unclear..
Fogged up by my own fear.
Oh my heart.. my little fire-cracker, do not think I've never seen that one before!
Go back to the smacker!
We can never be friends.
Not even close.
There's nothing left but a ghost.
Forgive me, it's my fault,
But perhaps our friendship has come to a halt.
Nothing lasts forever.
Just so you know.
I think we should just stop.
My God let it go.
I'll stop talking if you stop it first.
Someone needs to stop lest we both burst.
Calm down, take a deep breath, calm down and breathe.
Or you can just leave.
I always cared just so you know.
And it's going to be hard to let it all go.
But I know if you can then so can I.
I'll stand up if you stand up with me,
Oh man, what a lie.

Let it go. I always cared just so you know.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She is ugly, isn't she?

Yes she is! Today I'm shocked of her new-ugly hairstyle. Kerinting pulok dah!
Dulu dah la ikut trend orang, sekarang ikut trend si 'afro' yang rambut ala-ala mop terlebih kering tu? Jadi diri sendiri la, pompuan! Tak malu ke?
Bile tanya, "Uhh urm..temporary.."
Haha fesyen lawak gila petala kelapan boleh kata temporary. Memang aci redah betul minah gedik sekor tu...
Haish, apa-apa je la. Orang nak baca buku nak exam, dia boleh pulak tukar fesyen rambut main taram je. Ntahapahapa je.. Memang aci tak boleh masuk akal, lah!
Okay la, malas nak cite banyak. Dah la aku anti dengan dia. Bye ugly!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

exam around the corner-_-

Hyee there! Dah lama rasanya tak update blog nihh..
Kali nihh update pun sebab nak bagitao this Tuesday is final exam-_-"
Oh goshh! Bace buku tak lagi nihh!

Urm, PMR berlangsung pada Rabu 7.10.09. Just nak ucap good luck pada sume PMR candidate terutamanya kak Lyna and Ash. Buat elok2 yeah! Ganbatte ne!

Tahun depan giliran budak2 yang lahir tahun 1995 pulak yang amek PMR. Tuition for form 3 dah start. Kecut perut ahh! Nak cover form 1 + form 2 lagi.. mana nak ulangkaji form 3 lagi..
Ahh! Hope sume berjalan lancar lahh :)

Anyway, tu je lahh nak bagitao.
Wish me luck yeah?
Thanks! :DD