Sunday, May 10, 2009

i misz sumone...!

I don't know what's the ending for our relationship..
maybe we are not meant to be together kot..
ntah la...

he is absolutely very caring and extremely sweet okayy..!
but I don't know why I have the heart of breaking his heart...
pity him..but..what to do..?
let bygones be bygones...

he is kind and sweet..
eventhough he annoys me sometimes..
but it is really nice to talk with him..
eventhough he likes getting into my nerves,
but that's fine with me...
it has been a long time since I last met him..
about 2 years..
actually going to be 2 years this Nov 28.
and the most unbelieveable thing is, we only met for 2 days! :O

haissh! I miss him!
I don't know what he's doing now..
maybe he has forgotten me kot..
to bad lahh :(

that's okay, but there's one wish,,
I hope to see him again..
miss him damnly much dear!


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