Saturday, June 20, 2009

From Love to School :)

my stationary set :)

Hye! Now i'm going to talk about something that most of the students hate to hear it. Guess what?

SCHOOL! Yeah everybody hates a place called school including me! But if i think about it, i would say, "Hey! School is not so bad! When you go to school, you'll never bored to death at home, right?
*lols* and at school, besides studying, you can hang out with your friends, am i right?"

Okay, okay..i'm done with crapping things (above *lols*) For this Mid Year Exam, the results are quite okay..but i've dropped a few A's!!! For the 2nd Monthly Test, i've got 6A's with don't know how many B's, C's and D's. But this exam, i've only got 3A's with no D! 3A's is very little you know?
Maybe i was too lazy. Yeah maybe i'm too obsessed with MySpace and
Anyway, i will always try to work hard. Hope i can do well in the 3rd Monthly Test on next month.

Ganbatte ne!

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