Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let It Go

It doesn't matter anymore.
We aren't the same people as before.
Forgive but never forget.
Just remember all the real friends you've met.
I've once thought I knew.
But, now I see I was wrong and do not know what to do.
Who are my friends?
So far as I look and I see,
I see no on in the cold mirror but me.
All I want to do is disapear.
The image is fogged oh so unclear..
Fogged up by my own fear.
Oh my heart.. my little fire-cracker, do not think I've never seen that one before!
Go back to the smacker!
We can never be friends.
Not even close.
There's nothing left but a ghost.
Forgive me, it's my fault,
But perhaps our friendship has come to a halt.
Nothing lasts forever.
Just so you know.
I think we should just stop.
My God let it go.
I'll stop talking if you stop it first.
Someone needs to stop lest we both burst.
Calm down, take a deep breath, calm down and breathe.
Or you can just leave.
I always cared just so you know.
And it's going to be hard to let it all go.
But I know if you can then so can I.
I'll stand up if you stand up with me,
Oh man, what a lie.

Let it go. I always cared just so you know.

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