Saturday, October 17, 2009

Only One

Only one will care
if i live or die
cause nobody wants to hear
this emotional girl cry.

I'm hiding in the corner
if you wanna look
just follow the heavy sobbing sighs
face buried in a book.

The room is dark
you cannot see
don't even bother
to look for me.

Scent of blood
sound of pain
cries of lonely
cries in vain

with each your step
the floorboards creak
A crack of thunder
this outcome bleak

my head snaps up
pale as a ghost
eyes red as blood
Tears stained the most

you gasp aloud
knees hit the floor
told you i wasn't
worth fighting for

you spread your arms
say its alright
And i don't really
want to fight

i hold you tight
you keep me close
until the morn
and off we doze

you're my drug
my sweet release
you keep me high
my place of peace

without you i'd die
of this i swear
it amazes me
how much you care

i've caused you pain
the damage i've done
i've given in
this round you've won

i am the used
the empty air
i'll tell you now
that life's not fair

but i have you now
i'll never let go
just thought that i
would let you know...
how much i love you!

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