Thursday, August 13, 2009

ily scho0l :))

School,, hurm everybody hates school,,
when I say school, you'll be imagining scary teachers, best friend forever, the boring History, prefect yang really takk perfect, classes, president and vice, librarians, P.E :)), some say love, disciplinary, school uniforms, school books and many more,,

But what do you really think about school?
as for me, student in MGS aka Malaysian Golden School is really proud to be MGS-ian.
Why? Just shut up and read :))

I was schooled at MGS at the age of 7 (standard 1). Met my best friend forever also at the age of 7.
Met a lovely mother-figure teacher also when I was 7. Learn to love my friends as time goes by..
A Junior Prefect at the age of 9. Fought with best friend also at the age of 9.
Lose my favorite teacher, again at 9.

As the years passing by, I met a new friend who taught me to be independent, caring, funny, etc.
She also taught me to not easily believing in friends because she back-stabbed me! Damn!
We fought at 12 . Lose each other at 12. Crowned as 1st runner up of Miss MGS at 12. It was my final year in MGS Primary in 12. Goodbye childhood times, goodbye school...

Huh? No, it doesn't end just like that!

My job as a student continued when I entered MGS Secondary, officially as MGS-ian.
Same class with my BFF, happy like hell, well yes of course :))

MGS taught me to be independent.
MGS taught me to be brave (a lil bit, yes...)
MGS taught me to be a lil bit responsible.
MGS taught me to study harder...
MGS taught me the meaning of friendship.
MGS taught me the meaning of love..
MGS taught me the pain because of love..
MGS had make me met lovely, caring, pretty and hard-working teachers.

Well, how about you?
All of you who goes to school everyday?
Met the same school, same teacher, same people, same surrounding?
What do you feel? Frankly speaking?
Only you can tell.

I love my school. Very very very much.
To all MGS student in Malaysia, proud to be MGS-ian.
Not only MGS, many other schools :)

Think positive, school IS great.

p/s: Wanna vomit? You think I'm lying? Haha just get the hell out of here! At least I love my school, not like you! Like my story, a bunch of thank you :))

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