Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Just Not Ready Yet...

I'm so sorry for avoiding you the day before yesterday (Thursday 27.8.09)
It's not that I hate you, it's not that I dislike you,
It's just I'm not ready for all this.

It's pretty shocking meeting you at Aeon.
So I'm really sorry if I was too obvious for avoiding you..
I'm just too embarrassed...

I noticed. I noticed the way you're looking at me with that warm smile, the smile that once make me melted.
I know, I know that meaning behind that warm-soft smile. You still have a crush on me is it?
Please... I do like you... But that was before..
Now, my feeling for you has gone with the wind...
I need you to understand me...
I know this might hurt you badly... but this is my true feelings.. That you should know...

I know.. eventhough I say sorry thousands of times, your heart, your feeling, still hurting..
Yeah I admit that I am absolutely very cruel. As cruel as Cruella de Vil, but I can't do nothing..
I don't think I have that feelings towards you anymore..

Sorry! :(
If only you could know my true feelings....

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